Gaggan. I first heard of Gaggan after watching “Chef’s Table” on Netflix. Chef Gaggan Anand is the owner and genius behind this Michelin star restaurant, which was proclaimed the best restaurant in Asia. Given its location in Bangkok, the price for a 25-course dinner is very reasonable (even given its recent price increase in December 2017). Luckily, I was able to visit the restaurant before it closed.

Now on to the menu. The whole idea behind Gaggan is that each course is one flavorful bite. You don’t know what the dish is until the end of the meal so if you still want that surprise, don’t look ahead!

1st course: pink elderflower watermelon

2nd course: the signature dish, yogurt explosion. Literally a spoonful of yogurt explosion.

3rd course: a trio of sauces including mushrooms and peas. Mini stereos playing the song, “lick it up” are placed in the center of the table as guests are instructed to lick the plate.

4th course: tom yum kung piped into a shrimp head.

5th course: goat brain flower power. Surprisingly, very tasty (none of us had a clue that we were enjoying goat brain, that’s for sure!)

6th and 7th course: eggplant cookie and chilly bonbon

8th course: idly sambhar

9th course: banana chicken liver

10th course: fish granola

11th course: gin tonic cucumber uni

12th course: chutoro sushi

13th course: foie gras yuzu carrot

14th course: green vegetable matcha

15th course: pork vindaloo

16th course: scallop uncooked curry

17th course: sheek kebab mango chutney. Take a leaf, wrap it around the sausage and enjoy!

18th course: Thai green curry

19th course: seabass bengali mustard

20th course: charcoal lotus stem

21st course: lobster dosa

22nd course: beetroot rose

23rd course: milk cake riesling muscat

24th course: lemon cheesecake in the form of a minion popsicle

25th course: mango saffron ghewar

At the end of the meal, the staff gives you a menu with a full description of the meals.

The final review? Gaggan was definitely interesting but personally, I preferred other Michelin star restaurants (specifically my experience at Kikunoi in Asakusa). Still a very memorable experience and one that I would not trade.

Next up, Elephants World.


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