Hawaii is a place like no other. With its beautiful beaches, surrounding nature, and friendly people, the island is a true vacation destination. Hawaii has at least 15 islands but the most popular include the Island of Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu. The first time I went to Hawaii, I spent 5 glorious days in Maui. This time I decided to pay a visit to Oahu, specifically Kahuku located in the northern section of Oahu.


The drive from Honolulu to Kahuku takes about an hour  but goes by much quicker when you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery all around you.



Because you’re on an island, you’ll still find beaches at every turn but unlike the city, you also have the opportunity to visit farms and even go zip lining.

Unfortunately, I was pressed for time so I decided to skip the beaches and go find dessert instead. When I was in Maui, I had the most amazing banana bread. Hoping to find this delicious bread again, I searched high and low at every bakery in Oahu. Little did I know that banana bread is only famous in Maui, not Oahu. So when I discovered a small restaurant that actually featured grilled banana bread on their menu, I knew I had to try it.


Kahuku Farm Cafe is a popular restaurant and probably one of the few that offers healthy organic dishes. I went only for their dessert but next time I will be trying everything on their menu including their fresh juices.


The grilled banana bread with caramel and haupia sauce hit the spot. It was everything I wanted and more. The bread was incredibly moist and that haupia sauce  – mmhmm! Just when you think it can’t get any better, you look around you and see their beautiful farm.


Kahuku Farm Cafe grows their own vegetables, honey, and even chocolate. You can even have a tour of the facility!


After enjoying this satisfying snack, go check out one of the many shrimp trucks in Kahuku. The most popular one is Giovanni’s shrimp truck but there are others that are equally delicious. I stopped by Famous Kahuku Shrimp Truck and ordered the half garlic, half spicy shrimp served with rice and macaroni pasta. The sauces were fantastic and I didn’t have to wait over an hour for my plate of shrimp.


Once you’ve filled up on grilled banana bread and shrimp, head over to McDonald’s for a second dessert. Yes, that’s right, McDonald’s. McDonald’s has special menu items in every country and although Hawaii is just another state, they made a special dessert just for the island. Only in Hawaii can you find taro pies. These pies are just beyond words. The taro filling is the perfect amount of sweet and pairs perfectly with the crispy fried crust. My only regret was not trying them earlier so I can enjoy at least one taro pie every day.

mcdonalds taro pie

I was only able to spend a short weekend in Oahu but I know for sure that I will be returning. Perhaps next time I will even have time for ziplining!



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