Tokyo is a city bursting with bright city lights, endless shopping, great eats, and breathtaking views. There are just too many great things to say about the city so here is just a small peep into what I was able to experience.

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Soft serve ice cream is everywhere in Tokyo but this matcha and milk swirl served in Asakusa was the best of the best.

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I can finally cross off authentic Yoshinoya off the list. If Yoshinoya offered this in the States, I would actually go eat it. Egg+green onions+beef = delicious in a bowl.

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The cheapest 1 Michelin star restaurant in the city. Nakajima’s menu was comprised of sardines prepared numerous ways including this boiled version. Other options included fried and hot pot, as shown below. My recommendation? The boiled.

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shibuya (11)

Warning: do not visit Shibuya during Halloween. Never have I ever witnessed or been in such a large crowd of people. Crossing the street became impossible and after an hour of trying to navigate through the crowd, we admitted defeat.

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Abura soba, you have won a special place in my heart. Having stumbled upon this restaurant, I am many times grateful at my decision to eat here. The simplicity of the dry ramen makes it almost beautiful that it can be so outstandingly delicious.


This restaurant is yet another popular one, but rightly so. Rokurinsha in Tokyo main station located in the ramen street, has lines even at 9 am. The dish to order? Tsukemen. The freshly made thick noodles are dipped in a savory umami-bursting broth made from scrumptious fatty pork. After consuming all the noodles, dilute the broth with hot water and slurp up every last bit of that soup. A must visit when wandering around the station.

yanaka ginza (1)

Yanaka Ginza or “the town that loves cats” as I prefer it.

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robot show (3)

The Robot show, possibly the only place where foreigners outnumbered Asians.

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Dontonbori in Osaka

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