The final post of my Japan travels. Rewriting all of my times in the beautiful country makes me want to book my next flight asap. The last segment continues details on Kyoto and its wonders. 

kyoto nishiki market (10)

If you’re missing the market life that Tsukiji in Tokyo offers, make sure to visit Nishiki market in Kyoto.  With myriads of souvenir shops, small vendors, shrines, and even fresh seafood, it can be a great spot to spend the afternoon.

kyoto nishiki market (9)

Keep in mind, the market does get busier after the morning hours and the shops close at 5pm. 

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Fish cakes, potato balls, fried quail eggs are all available to purchase. 

kyoto nishiki market (1)

People in Kyoto love their pickled vegetables. Pickled and cured products can be found in multiple stands in the market.

kyoto nishiki market (2)

My favorite snacks were the croquettes and squid stuffed quail egg. The squid literally looks like a red baby squid and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the flavors are actually fantastic. Give it a try if you’re feeling brave!

kyoto nishiki market (12)

After visiting the snacks, check out any of the restaurants along the way. Many offered noodles so we just took a pick and chose the one with the shortest wait. People warned me before my trip that portions are smaller in Japan, but I found that this is not always the case. Many places have set meals, allowing you to taste several dishes and walk away full. This was my first time having tentamadon, tempura simmered with beaten egg over rice, and hopefully, it will not be my last.

kyoto omurice

Walk two blocks over and check out other restaurants like this crazy looking omurice. Kichi Kichi only has about 12 seats and requires reservations beforehand. The chef is incredibly entertaining and accommodates any changes to the dish you require. This was the most popular dish on the menu, chicken omurice with the creamiest egg on top.  I can assure you, no other restaurant will make omurice like this.

kyoto abura soba (2)

Another favorite in Kyoto was the abura soba at Tentoku. This dry ramen was my all time favorite dish, even better than the ones I’ve tried in Tokyo. A must-have.

kyoto gion (4)

Other places to visit include Gion, the older historic part of the town. If you’re lucky enough, you may even spot a geisha.

kyoto yasaka shrine (5)

At the end of the block is Yasaka shrine, another interesting spot to see. 

kyoto yasaka shrine (9)

kyoto yasaka shrine (14)

And now we move on to Osaka!


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