This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending it in the wine city, Temecula, in California. A friend owns several property in the area and was kind enough to open his doors and allows us to relax there for a couple days. What could be better than lounging around in a 5 bedroom estate with a bbq, pool, and an amazing view? 

Oh and did I forget to mention that he also owns a winery? Look out the window and I can see rows of grapes growing on vineyards with the tasting room within walking distance. I was in heaven.

Since we’re still in the heat of summer, it was perfect timing to take a dip in the pool. We literally spent at least 5 hours in the amazing pool with a grotto, lying on our floaties and basking in the sun.

Swimming always makes me famished, and knowing this group of individuals, I knew people were going to be starving afterwards. Good thing I came prepared! Knowing that I was going to spending the weekend with a bunch of eaters (and when I mean eaters, I mean they can eat and eat and eat all day) I brought over several boxes of Taste of Nature granola bars. I was recently exposed to Taste of Nature’s selection of granola bars and was won over not only by the flavor but by the fact that all of the snack bars are organic, gluten-free, vegan AND non-gmo. Oh and did I mention that they’re all under 200 calories? All natural nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are combined to create flavors such as Brazilian Nut Fiesta, Himalayan Goji Summit, and Cranberry Carnival.  

My friends aren’t exactly healthy eaters with the exception of one or two people. Imagine my surprise when I told them about Taste of Nature’s snack bars and they were actually excited to try them. 

Not only excited, but pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted! If a group of people who rather choose pizza over salad, have cupcakes for breakfast and eat two dinners on a daily basis can appreciate a good granola bar, I would have to say that the granola bars are keepers. 

Luckily for Caryn, she found a new healthy snack as a replacement for her chips and dip. She mentioned to me that she never has time for a full meal while on the job and found these granola bars were the perfect snack. At only $1.99 per bar, these non-artificial snacks are much healthier than the candies and fried chips you’ll find at drug stores. 


I, myself, tried every flavor and agreed with the general consensus that the Canadian Maple Forest was the favorite. Every bar has their own flavor but the caramelized maple flavor in the Canadian Maple Forest won me over. 

Thirty minutes later, and they keep coming back…

With only ten granola bars left I have no choice but to restock! Luckily for me, Taste of Nature is available in fine natural product stores and grocery retailers like Costco in Woodland, CA. If you’re looking to purchase these bad boys, check out the list of where they are available here.

Until next time Taste of Nature! 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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